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JD: Jr. UI Designer

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Others please read on:

We’re a small design studio (with big ideas) from Panaji, Goa.

Our work focuses around building great experiences for educational technology.

Well, what do we mean by that?

You must have learnt about some or the other ‘UX design process’ which you use to design experiences. The process works on experiences in any domain, right? Yes, it does. We’re here to take things further though.

What kind of teammates do we want?

1) You’re a conscious multi-disciplinary thinker

Have you ever packed sweaters for a trip? Congratulations! You’re a multi-disciplinary thinker.

Wondering why?

  • You combined your knowledge of these disciplines
    • geography (to know where you were going)
    • the climate (being aware of the temperature there at this point of the year)
    • your body (how much protection you need for that weather)
    • garments (what kind of garment provides you what kind of warmth)
  • and made the decision to pack some sweaters in your bag.
  • You didn’t have a degree in geography, climate sciences, biology or garment technology. Yet, you gained ‘just enough knowledge’ from each of these disciplines to take a decision.

You were always a multi-disciplinary thinker and you didn’t even know it!

I believe that we’re all born multi-disciplinary thinkers. However, in our professional lives, we tend to focus our thinking through the lens of one discipline and end up limiting ourselves. At Mediyum, we make a conscious choice to think across the imaginary boundaries of disciplines when designing experiences.

For example, in a recent project we were designing, an app for kids to learn critical thinking, what most designers would do is consider the critical thinking part as ‘content’ and focus on building an app with great interaction design; you know, some dribbble worthy shots. We as usual decided to cross the boundaries of the design discipline to research the literature on the pedagogy of critical thinking. We studied countless papers and book on the topic.

Combined with our knowledge of interaction design, we were able to design a unique experience that helps kids learn critical thinking in a way that feels nothing like ‘learning’ a topic so heavy.

2) You find intrinsic joy in learning

There is a simple question to discover your passion

What do you hoard?

Whoever owns this fridge would enjoy working in a dessert kitchen far more than a vegetable farm.

Hoarding stuff is one of our primal instincts. It’s leftover from the days when useful stuff was scarce. We hoarded stuff back then because we’d die without it. Now however, we hoard stuff because it makes us happy to hoard.

What do you hoard? Clothing? Movies? Books? Documentaries? eBooks? Games? Take a quick look at your cave. If you find it full of learning material, it’s likely that you find innate pleasure in learning. You’ll love a career where you get to investigate, ideate and invent new ways to learn for millions of students in the future.

3) You’d rather live in Goa

There are those who love the buzz of the big Indian metro cities. Then, there are some who’d rather live somewhere quiet and beautiful. A place that gives them the kind of spaces that are needed to think deeply when they want to.

The place in the above picture is a 2-minute walk from our office. We enjoy having meetings here sometimes.

We believe in deliberately staying away from the big cities because it works well with how we’ve structured ourselves.

We are a team of people who

  • Do deep work – that requires a quiet place
  • Read a lot – that requires a soothing atmosphere
  • Enjoy learning – this requires being surrounded by others who feel the same way
  • Think out of the box – this requires a place where the stress of the rat race is lower

Goa fits the bill.

We’re not looking for interns because our projects are not of a 6-months nature. They’re either few-days projects or multi-year projects.

We’re looking for full-time teammates who want to join us and grow with us as we build some experiences that touch the lives of millions of people around the world.

Interested? Get in touch!