AR Food Pyramid

About the Client
Digital Jalebi is an an innovation studio that among other things creates the next generation of museums in India.

The Client’s Client
FSSAI is the food regulatory body of India that’s responsible for ensuring healthy and safe food for the country’s population.

The Project & Exhibit
Digital Jalebi was designing and delivering an interactive experience zone (a mini-museum) for FSSAI. 

One exhibit was needed to convey the research about ‘having a balanced diet’ that FSSAI wanted to promote

Approach & Result
We designed an innovative exhibit through an exploratory process. While there are issues with the interaction design as seen on the current implementation, the exhibit has turned out to be one of the popular exhibits in the experience zone.

A personalized AR-based experience

FSSAI, the food regulatory authority of India wanted to teach people about having a nutritious, well balanced diet. They wanted to do this by introducing people to ‘the food pyramid’, a simple mental tool that anyone can use to check if they are having a balanced diet.

We used our design process to come up with an experience that does this in a unique way. 


The persona modeled from our research was a typical Indian parent visiting an exhibition with their kids. However, we had to ensure that the experience worked for any adult. 

Phase 1: Setting Design Goals : Based on our understanding of the user, the context of this design and other practical considerations, we set the goals that this app had to achieve. 

Phase 2: Designing the form factor and a high level flow : A high level flow was designed to achieve the design goals set in the previous stage. 

Phase 3: Detailed information architecture and interaction design : In this stage, we dealt with the interactions and the structure of information on every screen of the app 

Phase 4: Visual design :In this stage, we got a visual language designed from an external visual designer that worked towards achieving the goals. 

Phase 4:User testing and refinement : In this stage, we tested the application on users and used the results to evaluate various aspects of the app. 

  • How do we grab the attention of this persona and attract them towards this exhibit? 
  • How do we engage them with the application? 
  • How do we educate them about the concept through this engagement? 
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