About Us

We're a team of designers who want to build educational experiences that engage, educate and touch lives

Our Unique Approach

In a world where technology is enabling the creation of increasingly sophisticated products, using it to design learning experiences that actually deliver on the promise of learning is a complex task. 

Thanks to the global interest in ed-tech in the recent years, there’s a large and constantly growing body of research in the learning sciences, HCI and UX industry that can be used in the design of products. We believe that designing the right experience requires interdisciplinary effort at the intersection of these disciplines. 

While most UX design agencies use the standard HCD process, we blur the lines between these disciplines to come up with highly targeted experiences designed for achieving learning outcomes. We embrace the complexity of your technology, empathize with your users and keep track of the latest research. It helps us turn your educational technology into the right experiences. 

Experiences that ensure the success of all – your learners, educators and your product. Our work broadly covers these services:

The multi-disciplinary approach of Mediyum

“ Why will the users open our app? At what time? At what place? Are there any inner desires that can be tapped through the product? A nuanced understanding of the users’ needs is crucial to the success of EdTech experiences.

Our researchers immerse themselves in the users’ world to gather qualitative data about how they live, think, feel, consume and interact. We also systematically review literature in the learning sciences and HCI to find out what works and what doesn’t when solving for the given need.

The data is turned into models, tested using quantitative techniques and synthesized into design goals to ensure that users say, “Wow ! This product really understands me”.

Interaction and Visual Design

“ Does the UX deliver on the chosen pedagogical principle? Is it aligned with our value proposition? Are we using the learnings from others’ mistakes? ”

The user experiences of Educational experiences have specific challenges in terms of engagement, motivation and transfer of learning.

Our award-winning designers employ a range of principles and techniques to craft the right experience layer by layer, from the overall flow all the way to the micro-interactions.

With our multi-disciplinary team of UX designers, UI designers, Illustrators and Animators, we strive to design flows that elevate the experience from functional to delightful.

Continuous Improvement

“ Does we have a plan for continuous improvement? Are the designs tested and iterated based on evidence? ”

One thing most successful design teams have is a culture of continuous improvement.

Our team conducts remote and on-site user testing to validate designs, measure effectiveness and iterate until the set goals are achieved.

We’re a studio that doesn’t just ‘design’ a user experience. We’re a studio that takes responsibility for your users’ experience

Our Team

Hand-picked to create awesomeness


Founder, Lead Designer

A designer with 8 years of experience designing successful products in the EdTech industry.

Travels for work so often that the airport staff often mistake him as one of their own.


Lead UI Designer

A self-taught designer known for making drool-worthy visuals that are loved by clients and users alike. 

When done bending bezier curves for the day, get gets his thrill by bending his football shots on the field!


Illustrator / UI Designer

A trained artist with a skilled hand. Can weave some serious magic on her drawing tablet using her stylus-wand.

If bringing snacks to office was a competition, Smisha would be the winner hands down! 



UX Designer

An avid reader and a deep thinker, Pranoy enjoys deep working sessions to make precise interactions thought through to the T.

Legend has it that there’s a sci-fi movie cooking in his mind, waiting to be released some day soon.


UX Designer

A designer who can swiftly transition between UI and UX, Bhargavi handles fast paced projects like a race car driver.

Speaking of which, she dreams of inaugurating the Zuari bridge some day soon.


We're growing!

We’re looking for some young(at heart) designers to join our team. Want to find out if this is the right place for you? Check out the careers page and send us an email.